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180 articles avec pop music...diverse et variee !

Basia : A New Day For You

Paroles : Hello again ---it's me Your shoulder's where I sit The half,nobody sees,of a silent partnership I am here---your help at hand I'm never far away A clear view from where I stand I'll be there if you need me I am your helping hand My words---you've...

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Dire Straits : Brothers In Arms

These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day youll return to Your valleys and your farms And youll no longer burn To be brothers in arms Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire...

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Chaz Jankel : Number One

Excellent titre ! Chaz Jankel est un très bon musicien de studio qui a travaillé avec l'écurie "Quincy Jones" Number one is a hard time in the making Number two is the one plane I'm not taking Number three goes on one knee for a token Number four is the...

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